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Baltimore - Holy Rosary Church


Holy Rosary Cemetery

7305 German Hill Rd, Baltimore, MD 21222


Telephone: 410-288-3634


Our parish has a large, beautifully maintained 29 acre cemetery in suburban Dundalk, about four miles from our parish church in Fells Point. Part of the grounds are on a hillside, and on the top of the hill, which the second highest point in Baltimore, is the chapel, which is planned for renovation and will be dedicated as the Divine Mercy Memorial Chapel in memory of our deceased former pastor - Father Ronald Pytel. Nearby, three other former pastors - Msgr. Stanislaus Wachowiak, Rev. Dr. Mieczyslaw Barabasz and Rev. Piotr (Peter) Chowaniec-the very first pastor, Fr. Okroy, and Fr. Leszek are also buried. It is estimated that more than 19,000 bodies are buried there. Many tombstones and markers are in Polish. There are still some open areas where grave lots can be purchased.




Several years ago we began work on renovating the stone chapel on the top of the hill. With the change in pastors and councils this work was has become dormant. We are hoping soon to restore work on the chapel. We need to bring a source of electric power, new doors, windows and refurbish the interior where funeral services or even Mass could be celebrated for small groups. We are also seriously considering columbarium space for urns which hold ashes. A monthly second collection supports the cemetery chapel fund. We thank you for your kind generosity in this endeavor.

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