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E-mail distribution lists for Polish Community in Baltimore, MD and Washington, DC

We would like to recommend that you subscribe to two e-mail distribution lists for Polish Community in the Washington-Baltimore metropolitan area:  (1)  Polish Global Village (PGV), and  (2)  Polish Events Washington DC.
Subscribers to these lists are receiving e-mails with information about Polish events, including church, cultural, patriotic, and entertainment events in Baltimore and Holy Rosary parish. Some information is also sent from our parish.
In addition, there are many events in the area organized by Polish Embassy in Washington, DC, Polish Library, the Kosciuszko Foundation or other organizations.

Please, see below how to subscribe to these lists.


To subscribe to Polish Global Village you can: 

(a) send an empty e-mail message (with nothing in the subject line or the body of your message) to
Be sure to send that message from the address at which you want to receive your Polish Global Village messages.

(b) or subscribe at the website: 



To subscribe to Polish Events Washington DC please visit the following website:

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