Friends of the Divine Mercy

Friends of the Divine Mercy


We are a group of people dedicated to answering Jesus´ call to spread the message of the Divine Mercy.

We perform acts of mercy by our deeds, prayers, and sacrifices. 

We pray the Divine Mercy Chaplet everyday

  • for those in need of prayer, conversion, the sick and the dying in our parish and throughout the world   
  • for the intentions of the Church, both Universal and Holy Rosary-- the intentions are on our church´s website and in the Parish Prayer Book of Intentions near the current Shrine area of the main church
  • for the members of the Apostolate and for all the people who are brought into the Apostolate by our acts of mercy, adding to each intention “according to the will of God”
  • to pray once a month the Way of the Cross, either in front of the cross, the image of the Crucified Christ, or the Divine Mercy image
  • for our priests and parishioners
At least twice a year the Divine Mercy Apostolate pulls together to sponsor a parish project during the Advent and Lenten seasons where we can perform deeds of mercy.  

For instance, during the year a Sister from Chicago gave a talk during our weekend Masses.  She shared how her convent worked with young single mothers and their particular needs.  As an Apostolate group we met to choose how our parish could best raise funds for the Sisters. We chose a "Baby Bottle Drive" where each person in the Apostolate volunteered to do one small task--buy the bottles, print the labels, label the bottles, hand the bottles out to the parishoners during the 4 weekend Masses, collect the bottles each weekend and give the funds to the priest to hold, do a small write up in for the bulletin explaining the project, writing a thank you note at the end of the drive for the bulletin....small tasks, but all necessary to make the project work and run smoothly for the parishioners to actively participate.

If you feel that Jesus is calling you to spread His message of the Divine Mercy by being a member of the Divine Mercy Apostolate, please contact our office.


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